The Madrabaz - Who we are - The People behind Madrabaz
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Madrabaz is an experience generator; sometimes a culinary trickster; always a cultural
ambassador. In Turkey, a Madrabaz’s mission was to bring food from all over the world
to the tables of many. The Madrabaz helped people to learn, understand, enjoy and
love food and its multicultural sources and influences. This is the inspiration behind Madrabaz,
led by Gökcen Ceylan. We of Madrabaz want to create that exciting link between cultures.

Madrabaz Berlin - Unser Team
Gökçen Ceylan CEO

Gökçen Ceylan
The Madrabaz. With many years of experience
under his belt on telling people stories about
food, culture and art, especially in Istanbul,
and being qualified designer, Ceylan is the perfect
person to lead a company that conceptualizes,
develops and produces culinary experiences.

Tali H. Arik Investor

Tali H. Arik
An American Cardiologist with Turkish roots.
The latter gives Arik the ability to support
the culinary adventures concept behind
Madrabaz and his American upbringing gives
him the confidence to invest in a foreign country.

Simone Haselier Chef and Advisor

Simone Haselier
Chef and Advisor
A Berliner with experience in Michelin star kitchens
in Switzerland, personal connections to Turkish culture
and a passion for propagating intercultural understanding
through food, Haselier is in the position to come up
with culinary creations that harmonize with our cultural
and arts activities.

Yurdakul Pekşen Film Curator

Yurdakul Pekşen
Film Curator
A musician and filmmaker, Yurdakul is the man
behind our Food and Film Club. Not only is he
passionate about his own work, but also about
promoting other artists. A life spent networking
within these circles is the exact recipe we need
to assess and access the worldly Berlin audiences.

Madrabaz Team in Berlin


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